Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Little Girl of Ours

I love teaching Abigail things these days. She loves learning new things and gets so excited when something clicks. I just had a funny conversation with her. It was one of those nights that I left a few things out of the routine, in an attempt to expedite the bedtime process. An hour later... all the things that I left out, have been requested, and completed, and she is finally going to bed.

I thought I had her down a few minutes ago, but she called me back up, and giggling, said "Mommy, we forgot to read Book of Mormon! That's so silly, huh Mommy? Let's laugh."

So we read scriptures, which is always filled with a million questions. I encourage her asking questions... but seriously.

Anyway, she saw the picture of Jesus and the questions started. First, she noticed that he had curly hair, like her. She was pretty excited about that.
Then more questions, "Is Jesus our Father?"

No, Jesus is our brother.

She got this shocked look on her face and said, "Mommy- I didn't know I had a brother! Ellie didn't know either! I want to tell my friends."

So then I explained that He isn't just her brother, He is my brother, and Daddy's and everyone's brother.

Another shocker- "You mean He is my friend's brother, and my friend's mother's brother?"

Yes, that is what I mean.

Gasp- "Wow... I want to read another story about my brother."

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