Thursday, July 22, 2010

This little girl had a birthday...

What can I say about this little girl?

Being the big bad mommy that I am, when the doctor called and asked to reschedule her 2 year check up to the morning of her actual birthday, I agreed. So we started off the day with a bang, and two shots. Hence the gloomy face in some pictures :)

I cannot believe she is TWO years old.
This year was even more fun for me than last year. I took her with me to pick out a cake pan for her birthday. I gave her four choices: Elmo, Elephant, Horse, or Monkey. I threw in the monkey at the last minute, just for the heck of it and of course she surprised me and chose the monkey right away- despite her obsession with Elmo, horses, and elephants.
The next day I took her with me to the grocery store to pick out what kind of cake- no surprise there: CHOCOLATE. I swear to you, this girl has a sixth sense and can detect chocolate from miles away. We have lots of funny stories about her "chocky" addiction, but we'll save those for another day.
Something else we learned right away about Abi, is that she does things in her own way, on her own time table- started from her 2 week late entrance into this world. If you remember last year's birthday, I made her a "smash cake" just for her to dig in and make a mess of. She cried when she touched it and hated it. This year, when we put her up by the cake to blow out the candle... she couldn't resist dipping her finger right in. Oh... and she loved it.

Charles and I splurged and got her this little tricycle and she loves it. I loved seeing her face light up when we rolled it out and she exclaimed, "Abi's bike!!" as she ran over to climb on.

She spotted an airplane in the sky :)
I just love this girl. She is quite the talker now. She surprises us every day now with things she says and does. Her most recent thing that had me laughing really hard was when I was doing her hair and she sat on the counter and gave herself 'knucks' as she said, "Knucks?? BOOM, blow'ed up," and then threw her head back and laughed. She learned that from Uncle Kyle :)
She loves animals. She loves music: dancing to it, singing along with it, or working out to it with mommy. It is amazing to hear her sing along to songs she hears on the radio because she surprises me with how many of the words she knows. She really loves horses. She loves going to the zoo. She loves being a helper around the house. She has to be involved in whatever I am doing. She is a girly, girl to the bones. She likes to brush and fix my hair, play with my makeup, and wear pretty dresses. She is a total sweetie and loves to 'shuggle' with mom and dad. She still sleeps with a pacifier, and very soon we will have to stop ignoring that. She has the most contagious laugh you'll ever hear. She makes every day bright in our home. We are so lucky to have her, and she is going to be a GREAT big sister. I might just move over and let her be mom. She'd probably do a better job that I will.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

Today was one of those days.

Need I say more? I feel like it is taking all I can do to keep my head above water lately. As I rushed home today to grab church clothes for tomorrow (we are staying with Charles' two younger brothers for the week) I had to print out my lesson to teach in church tomorrow, and found this video on the homepage.

I scrolled down and saw the title... scrolled back up and thought, I don't have time to watch it.

Then scrolled back down and watched it.

And cried. A lot. I needed this badly today. Hope it can give a few of you other moms out there a boost.

Now... on to printing that lesson...