Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Abigail started Kindergarten this week.  I will spare you my emotional saga.  She was very nervous about meeting all the new kids in her class.  She didn't know any of them, and was pretty scared by the thought of 18 new kids in her class.  She hid behind me as we walked into the school, but went to her seat and was fine from there on.  When she got in the car, before I could say anything, she said, "MOM! It was GREAT! I LOVED it!!" She was pretty exhausted the rest of the day, and this morning when I woke her up, she asked if she could take a nap after school today.

Her and Ellie really missed each other.  Ellie cried when we left without Abigail, and when we picked her up, they hugged for a long time in the car.  Today Ellie is asking about her and asking if we can go pick her up.  She misses her play buddy.

Fancy Nancy

One of our last trips to the library, Abigail picked out a Fancy Nancy Tea Party book, that gives you all kinds of tips and ideas for hosting a tea party.  Her cousin, Chloe, also got the book from the library recently.  We visited them last week, and they had a FABULOUS tea party.

Little Fish

If there is one thing my girls love, it is swimming.  I knew that we would not make it to the pool nearly as much as we did last summer (almost daily) with Hallie in tow.  So they were excited that we did swimming lessons this summer.  They had a lesson twice a week, and they did great.  Ellie learned to respect the water a little bit, which she really needed.  She is fearless, and had gotten in the habit of trying to jump in the pool without floaties or supervision, and had accomplished it enough times to make me freak out.  After starting swimming lessons, she is much better about pool safety.  She won't get in the water now unless someone is there to catch her, or she has her floaties on.

Abigail made HUGE improvements.  She learned to swim at the end of last summer, but it was more of a doggie paddle to stay above water.  She was afraid to put her face in the water, wouldn't jump off the side, even if someone was there to catch her.  Now she is swimming all over the place and just loving it.  

The best part about the Texas heat is being able to swim for so long each year.  It has us talking crazy about putting in a pool.  I keep having to tell myself, not until all the kids can swim on their own! I love visiting my grandparents pool and reminiscing about my childhood summers where we probably spent every day of the summer. Its so fun to take the girls there and see them enjoying it.  Their pool is huge compared to most backyard pools now, and has a diving board and slide, also a rare thing now.

Our Ellie

Ellie has been so much fun to watch grow.  Her personality just keeps blossoming and she is really such a funny little girl, and unlike I would have thought a year ago, is quite the girly girl.

Last week we went to Target and Ellie stumbled upon a pair of GLORIOUS cinderella-like glass(plastic) slippers. Can you dream up anything less comfortable for a 2 year old to walk around in? I cannot.

She put them on immediately, and there was no turning back.  I don't know if I could have ever been back in her good graces if I had not bought them for her.  She wore them around the store with great pride, and when it was time to check out, she reluctantly held up one shoe for the checker to scan- and then took it back and put it back on.

We bought them in the morning.  She wore them all day. By night time, she was hobbling along, clearly in extreme discomfort.  I'd ask her if her shoes hurt and she refused, "No, it's all better now." When it was time to go to bed, there was no removing them from her feet.  She insisted on sleeping with them. I obliged.

About 3am our princess came into our room crying.  She had lost one glass slipper during her slumber and was quite distraught.  Charles retrieved it and she slept the rest of the night in our bed, with the glass slippers carefully placed on her feet.  She wore them the whole next day, until her sore feet began to bleed, and we convinced her to take a break.

Sunday I was able to convince her that fancy socks were a good pairing with the shoes, and her little feet are healing.

Ellie takes roll playing pretty seriously.  It is sometimes difficult to keep up with her imagination, and who she is pretending to be.  She is always quick to correct us when we call her Ellie and she is pretending to be someone else, most commonly, Snow White, Sofia, or Cinda-lella.

Monday night, Charles was giving the girls blessings before they start the school year.  When he started by saying Ellie's name, she quickly corrected him, "No, I not Ellie, I LUCY." She had us all dying laughing after doing this 3 times before she agreed to be Ellie for the purpose of her blessing.

And just for good measure, here is a super cute video of her playing Mary Poppins :)