Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Fish

If there is one thing my girls love, it is swimming.  I knew that we would not make it to the pool nearly as much as we did last summer (almost daily) with Hallie in tow.  So they were excited that we did swimming lessons this summer.  They had a lesson twice a week, and they did great.  Ellie learned to respect the water a little bit, which she really needed.  She is fearless, and had gotten in the habit of trying to jump in the pool without floaties or supervision, and had accomplished it enough times to make me freak out.  After starting swimming lessons, she is much better about pool safety.  She won't get in the water now unless someone is there to catch her, or she has her floaties on.

Abigail made HUGE improvements.  She learned to swim at the end of last summer, but it was more of a doggie paddle to stay above water.  She was afraid to put her face in the water, wouldn't jump off the side, even if someone was there to catch her.  Now she is swimming all over the place and just loving it.  

The best part about the Texas heat is being able to swim for so long each year.  It has us talking crazy about putting in a pool.  I keep having to tell myself, not until all the kids can swim on their own! I love visiting my grandparents pool and reminiscing about my childhood summers where we probably spent every day of the summer. Its so fun to take the girls there and see them enjoying it.  Their pool is huge compared to most backyard pools now, and has a diving board and slide, also a rare thing now.

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