Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Win.

We lose.

Today I think we both gave up being parents for a little while.
Our living room shows the ramifications of our choice.

After trying to get Abigail down for a nap, we finally gave up
and just let her out. We didn't give up on our own hopes for a nap though.
Charles and I both were totally exhausted today. She was playing quietly in the living room, so we both layed down on the couches and dozed off without realizing it. When we woke up, the room was a disaster, Abigail was naked, and her entire drawer of pants, skirts, and shorts was emptied and spread throughout the house. She had tried on every pair. We just watched her for a while as she would struggle to pull on a pair of shorts, and not quite make it over her little cheekers. She'd walk around proud as can be with her hiney hanging out.
She even managed to try walking around with one leg in one pair of pants, and the other leg through another pair of pants, holding them each up with her hands. She is such a funny girl! Can't imagine what things will be like with another little one running around to shake things up even more. My guess... not many more nap times in store for mom and dad.