Wednesday, June 20, 2007

1 down... 2 to go!

Well, I am completely finished with one class, and have 2 that I will finish up today and then- VACATION! I can't wait. I had my final presentation for my english class last night. I had to do a 20 minute presentation on a research topic of my choice. I chose to do it on diet aids- pills, supplements and drinks- inspired by Courtney's latest medifast kick. My argument was that there is no quick fix to an unhealthy lifestyle. You have to put the time and effort into it if you want to be healthy. Weight loss is only a side effect of a healthy lifestyle. It was pretty interesting. I found out that a 23 yr old pitcher for the Orioles died of a stroke from some diet pills he was taking, and a 21 yr old air force pilot had a massive heart attack from the same thing. DONT TAKE DIET PILLS! The risks FAR outweigh the benefits!!
Anyway- I have a history paper I have been writing this morning that is due at 5 today. I will probably take that final today too, so I will be finished with that class. Then I have my Short Story final at 1 today. I will be glad to say adios to that teacher. He is very arrogant and close minded. We had to write the first 3 pages of a short story for our final assignment in that class. When we turned them in, he read the title and first word out loud. When he read mine, he said with his arrogant tone- Well that seems obvious...- I played out the scene in my mind of me attacking him, and it seemed to satisfy my emotions :). He drives me nuts!
We are so excited to go to Texas this weekend and see everyone!! WOOHOOO!!! Here we come!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The countdown begins...

I am SO ready for this term to be over with. I am taking my last 3 GE credits that I have been putting off for so long. They are killing me! We have 2 weeks left. That means... only about 5 class sessions left for each class!! I think it seems to be dragging on because I am so excited to go to Texas when it is over. We leave the day after finals are over, and I can't wait.
Other than school... life is pretty much the same old stuff. I am thinking about trying out for an A Capella group at BYU called Noteworthy. They have a sample of some of their music on their website y'all should check out. They won the international competition last year, they are amazing. Unfortunately, there are only 9 of them. They have 3 openings this year, and normally have 50+ people audition. I'm not getting my hopes up for anything, but I figure... what the heck!? It's my last year, I might as well give it a try. I am taking voice lessons summer term to hopefully get me ready for the auditions in the fall.
Charles has a birthday coming up!! I think I am more excited about it than he is, I'm not quite sure why, but I am. Anyway, nothing too new going on around here. Just livin the busy student life trying to make it!
Charles has been pretty funny lately. He has recently picked up on Sam's trick to make me laugh and started looking at me and crossing his eyes. He looks hilarious when he does it. Last night, I was crying- shocking... I know, and he said- "oh, hang on, let me get you a tissue. I think I saw that in a movie once. Girls like tissues when they are crying." I guess it helped because he got me laughing!
Anyway, just wanted to take a break from my paper and write something on here. Next time it will be more exciting!