Monday, December 17, 2007


Ok... I have gone back and re-read my last post, and I am pretty sure it didn't make any sense. Hopefully the paper I was writing came through a little more clearly... Well, I am not crazy, and finals are upon us. I have knocked out 3 and have 4 more to go! I am hoping to get two more taken today. It is starting to feel good though, starting to feel like the holidays are within reach! We are both doing well, I am feeling great. I just thought I would give a reassuring update for anyone who read that last most and might have been afraid I was losing my mind. It is back, and things are great!! We are looking forward to our vacation and can't wait to see everyone in Washington!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Heaven help me...

This is my cry for help... and to take a break from this blasted research paper. There is one week left in the semester... and there is ZERO motivation left in my brain. One more week... sounds so simple... but it is one more week that involves one more research paper, and 5 more final exams. I took two today... what a relief. Charles is sitting next to me doing his homework. I have finished 3 of 6 pages of research and now I have hit a wall. I hit this wall every night around... nine o'clock. And I think it is making me lose my mind. I think this blog is evidence of that. I hope I don't go crazy before I graduate in April. Why am I not normal? Anything for a degree right?
And... it is seriously WAY too cold for normal life to proceed. If I don't go crazy, I might just turn into some kind of snow woman.
Sorry for blabbing, but believe it or not, this helped me get a few more minutes of will power out of myself for this research.

I think I can...

Middle children

I am just studying for a final in my Marriage class and found a funny poem about "Middle Children." The chapter is about how birth order effects certain personality traits in marriage, and I thought this was pretty cute:

Middle children are used to giving in to the younger and the older.
Middle children are used to turning soft, mild cheeks to the child who's older.
Middle children make cheer their talent, smiling even through the hand-me-down downings.
Middle children will play a willing audience for the other's clownings.
Middle children are open-hearted.
Middle children will fetch and carry.
Middle children don't need unspoiling.
Middle children are nice to marry.
- Author Unknown

I never realized how fantastic I was at being a middle born... Charles is one lucky man!! :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Baby Himmer

Isn't our baby so cute??? :) I went to the doctor for the first time yesterday and here is what all the fuss is about. If you look closely, you can see that he marked something. You can't really see much of what he marked... but thats the baby alright! Pretty exciting!! I just had to put that up for everyone to see!!


If y'all had any idea how ridiculously busy we have been lately... well, you might not think I'm such a slacker for not blogging in about a month. It has been crazy, but fun!! We went to Texas for Thanksgiving and LOVED the time we had there. We stayed plenty busy with everything with the family going on. I discovered that really the only time I get too sick with this pregnancy, is when we travel. Both flights were doozies! I have to say though... if I go my whole pregnancy without throwing up any time other then when I fly... I say I am pretty darn lucky!!
We had a blast with everyone! I didn't take many pictures though... I don't know what I was thinking! The only time I thought to take out my camera was at the mall with Annie and Chloe. I wish I would have gotten some of Logan too because he is getting so big and is so cute!
Well, for some reason, I can't get any pictures to load up. I'll have to get back on that.

HOLY COW-- as I am sitting in class here writing this, I cannot help but explain to you what is going on in this class right now. This is a class called Families in Communities- this week we are talking about the family and law, and specifically today... the topic is same sex marriage. Now... picture this- my MALE teacher introduces the topic by saying, "many students at BYU are against same-sex marriage, so today I thought I would bring in a special guest. I brought a lesbian to talk to you today. But not a real lesbian, I am the lesbian. But I'm not really a lesbian. I am just going to act the part today because I feel I know the mind and heart of people in these situations." So here I am sitting in my class, while my teacher pretends he's homosexual, and a class full of Mormons tries to explain to him (her) why we feel the way we do. This is probably the most ridiculous day in college history!! Wow... thats all I can say. Reminds me of a certain sitcom... Prison Mike anyone???