Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Middle children

I am just studying for a final in my Marriage class and found a funny poem about "Middle Children." The chapter is about how birth order effects certain personality traits in marriage, and I thought this was pretty cute:

Middle children are used to giving in to the younger and the older.
Middle children are used to turning soft, mild cheeks to the child who's older.
Middle children make cheer their talent, smiling even through the hand-me-down downings.
Middle children will play a willing audience for the other's clownings.
Middle children are open-hearted.
Middle children will fetch and carry.
Middle children don't need unspoiling.
Middle children are nice to marry.
- Author Unknown

I never realized how fantastic I was at being a middle born... Charles is one lucky man!! :)


Alison said...

wait, if you are considered a middle child, than i am too!!! way to go us!!

Texas Blad's said...

that is cute, and it does make me think of you-

Kyle said...

This is garbage. I am the REAL middle child in the family. Don't rob me of my role.

Fran said...

Dear Himmerfam, I think this may be a family correspondence site, but hope you don't mind my chiming in. About 45 years ago, before I knew my older daughter would turn out to be a middle child, I read the poem you posted (I believe) last December, and for over 40 years --- since she turned out to be so extraordinary (as indeed her older brother and younger sister are too) --- I have searched for this poem. Tonight it came up again at a dinner party, somehow I googled it properly and found the poem on your site. Thankyou, thankyou! It gives me one more thing to celebrate. I'd be happy for you to visit my blogspot site, fran-johns-on-celebrations.blogspot, and/or my middle child's website, The internet does occasionally prove its worth in lovely ways. Peace and good cheer to the himmerfam. Fran Moreland Johns

Robin said...

For years this poem was on my refrigerator because it so typified my daughter. I clipped it out of the newspaper. It got so discolored from its life on my refrigerator that I stuck it in my desk. Every time I took it out and read it,I felt so connected to my middle child. It was lost in a house fire in 2008. Tomorrow my middle child is getting married on the farm that she always was willing to help her father "fetch and carry". I just had to find this poem and am so grateful you put it on your blog. Love, love, love this poem.