Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Ellie gets SO excited about bubble baths.  Any time you mention the word bath, she drops what she is doing and runs to the bathroom saying BUBBLES! as she tries to get her clothes off. 

Abigail has fun once she gets in, but she is not a fan of bath time.  For a while she just has said, that she HATES getting wet.  Now it has turned to... She is too "delicate."  These girls... always put a smile on my face.

Monday, October 15, 2012

This is our life

These girls LOVE to color.  They will do it for hours, especially Abigail.  She is particularly into coloring everything "rainbow." She will spend forever coloring a picture all different colors, and just keep telling me, "Mommy, you are just going to love this, you won't believe your eyes!"

 This one got torn, but you can see her rainbow coloring :)

 First thing in the morning, right to the coloring table

 When Ellie is down for a nap, one of her favorite things to do for her "Mommy Time" is to color or paint together.  When Ellie is asleep, we can get out the markers and paints, and she loves that.
Our Paint Projects one day, Abigail picked what we should paint

One way to keep them occupied for 2 hours of general conference: 
Snack necklaces and coloring pages.