Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Abigail loves her friends.

LOVES them.
I don't use that term lightly.

These two gals are frequents in her prayers.

The live around the corner from them and met up for trick or treating tonight with a cute little witch, a stylin' ladybug, and a spooky ghost.

Abigail just loved going trick or treating with them.
Her and Breklyn are SO cute together. They held hands the whole night.
When Jaylie got tired, and rode in the stroller, Abigail took her basket to the doors and said, "Trick or Treat for Jaylie and Me!"
Those girls are so sweet I could just eat them up.

I was cracking up all night listening to Abigail's door approaches.
She even busted out Chinese at one point.
Or the, "Hi, I'm Goldilocks."

Such a fun night, and so fun to spend it with friends.

Halloween 2011

I have to start by saying, I have never been a big fan of Halloween.
This is Abigail's 3rd halloween and her first year trick or treating.

I got the bug about a month ago, when we were out for a walk, and people had started decorating their houses. Abi went crazy. She loved it. Went went on walks and bike rides as often as we could so that she could check out all the "spooky houses." We went to the pumpkin patch, and a few carnivals. She made it all so fun because she just loved it.

When I first asked her what she wanted to dress up as, she said she wanted to be a lamb, and Daddy could be Mary. After my Mom so generously offered to make Charles a dress, we steered Abigail away from that idea, and settled on a family theme- Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Now I was REALLY excited.

Abigail could not have been more thrilled when we all got dressed up tonight. She wanted to act out the whole story, and was telling Charles what to say.

I didn't get a very good shot of Ellie's costume. She wouldn't keep her darn hat on. I'm hoping to get her back in it and get a good shot of her, but don't hold your breath.

Charles was a good sport, and pulled off a headband well :)
Maybe next time I'll do a hat for him instead.

Hand-stitched, thank you very much :)

Goldilocks, as she was acting out the story.

Walking through the forest.

My favorites are when she sees the three bears.

Holidays are SOO much better with kids.
Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Where are you from?

Today while we were driving in the car, Abigail busted out with this random bit of knowledge.
I haven't ever talked to her about where she is "from" or Ellie, so it really cracked me up.

"Ellie is from Texas.
I am from Washington, and daddy is from Washington, too.
And mommy? Mommy is from... Target."

I bursted into laughter.

"What's so funny, Mommy?
..... Is Ellie from Target, too?"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sleepy Sundays

This Sunday we were all super tired for some reason.

Charles and I decided to "take turns" napping. I went first :)

I had a good nap. Then it was up and going again.

Abi needed some rest so bad, but it just wasn't happening.
Charles took matters into his own hands.
And it was a beautiful thing.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall... are you bluffing?

Last week we went swimming.
And by "we," I mean, Abigail swam, and me and Ellie watched.
I think it was probably our last swim for the year, at least... I am hopeful :)
It finally cooled off this week. I mean, really cooled off. It kind of put me in panic mode.
I need to get these girls something other than shorts, tank tops, sundresses and sandals to wear.

Now we are gearing up for fall and its great holidays.
Last Friday we went to the pumpkin patch, and Saturday, we painted pumpkins.

I've never gotten into halloween to much. Until now.
Abigail is so excited about it, it is contagious.
Her costume came in the mail this week and it is SUPER cute.
Now to make Charles, Ellie's, and mine...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just a few pictures

I was sick all last week. Bronchitis. Yuck.

Now Ellie is teething. Let's hope that's all, and not that she got sick too.

Not much time for picture taking, or blogging, but here are a couple of my two favorite girls.

Those rolls... Just love them :)

Always so happy for Daddy to come home

Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh no she just di-unt

Ok, I cannot believe what just came out of my 3 year old's mouth.

She is upset because I told her we can't go swimming until after lunch.

"Mommy! You are making me really mad."
(stomping her foot down with hands on hips).

Wait for it...

"Mommy, if you do not make me happy, Jesus will be very sad.
He wants you to make me happy. If you don't he will say,
(in her best Jesus voice) 'Oh no, Abi's Mommy is not listening to her.'"

Then she looked at me with a very serious face, like- "Well??"

Oh, Heaven Help Me.

Just to make you smile

Nothing is better than a good, heart felt chuckle :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Enemy


Abigail literally got ants in her pants early this summer, and has been terrified of them ever since then.

She won't step foot in the garage without shoes on.

She wouldn't dare go in the back yard without boots on.

If we are in a hurry to get her inside for dinner, "Hurry there are ants coming, Abi"
(I know... we are bad)

We went to the park and she was running around, hopping over all the ants, avoiding them at all costs. When I tried to get her to sit still for a minute to take a picture, she had to resort to scaring them away.

She started off pretty aggressive with the roars, but backed off to try to get a few smiling pictures. She couldn't completely let her guard down though- that would just be silly.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tender Mercies

I think I have a picture of every nap Abigail has taken in the last ten months.

It is a VERY rare, and blessed occurrence.

It happened once this week. I have tried every day since, to no avail.

Ellie helped me wake her up to make sure we weren't all up all night.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall is in full swing :)

I think fall has arrived bringing it's low '90 degree weather, and cool nights and mornings.
We are enjoying the chance to be back at the parks.
How often do you feel like your kids clothes need an explanation?
I mean, passed the 'dressed themselves' assumption. Here is one.
These pictures were taken on a little break we took from a drive back from Denton last weekend. Yes, we took a break on the usually 3.5 hour drive- turned 5+ hours. We were all taking a beating and had to get out of the car for a few minutes.

Anyway- back to the outfit. We had a fun weekend, Abigail got really dirty every day, as did her clothes. So when we got down to the last day, and the last clean clothes, this is what was left. She put on a really cute skirt, one of my favorites actually. Then she put on her white shirt, not so bad... except that, her and Ellie have the same white shirt, and Ellie's got packed, not Abigail's. Normally I would have switched it out, but we didn't have any other clean shirts, or time to do laundry. So my 3 year old, was sporting her 12 month shirt- rocking the bare mid-drift, and if the crocs don't top off the look, I'm not sure anything else would have. Except maybe the strawberry stains on her shirt from the car.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Storytime with Mimi

Abigail loves reading books, and our selection at home is a lacking a little bit.

Friday we got to go visit Mimi in her classroom, and pick from an endless selection of books to bring home and read with Mimi. Abigail loved it. I need to read to her more often, but I get bored with the same old books and have a hard time finding good ones at the library. Mimi's selection is the bomb though. I need to just make a list and get after it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


There is a place about ten minutes from my parent's house called Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch .
We went there this weekend because I had another doctor appointment up there, and we decided to give this place a try, mostly because I got a groupon a few weeks ago (you know I can't pass up a good groupon). It was a lot of fun, pretty small, and allergies were ca-razy- but the kids had fun and it was a unique place.

They have lots of animals, several endangered, that they have rescued. They have kangaroos, wallabies, lemurs, sloths, camels, zebras, deer, etc. They are building a habitat for two black bears right now. While we were there we got to pet and touch several of the animals they had there. The only ones we couldn't touch were in the "safari" were we took a 'train' to go see them, they were close, but don't come up to the train to eat like the other animals did. It was lots of fun, and a new experience.

They are only open to the public on Saturdays, the rest of the week, it is used for field trips and other educational things. I was amazed at how educational it was. I didn't realize how much Abigail learned from it until she told my sister, "Do you know that baby kangaroos sit in their mommy's pants?"

Nothing gets past her!