Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I have to start by saying, I have never been a big fan of Halloween.
This is Abigail's 3rd halloween and her first year trick or treating.

I got the bug about a month ago, when we were out for a walk, and people had started decorating their houses. Abi went crazy. She loved it. Went went on walks and bike rides as often as we could so that she could check out all the "spooky houses." We went to the pumpkin patch, and a few carnivals. She made it all so fun because she just loved it.

When I first asked her what she wanted to dress up as, she said she wanted to be a lamb, and Daddy could be Mary. After my Mom so generously offered to make Charles a dress, we steered Abigail away from that idea, and settled on a family theme- Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Now I was REALLY excited.

Abigail could not have been more thrilled when we all got dressed up tonight. She wanted to act out the whole story, and was telling Charles what to say.

I didn't get a very good shot of Ellie's costume. She wouldn't keep her darn hat on. I'm hoping to get her back in it and get a good shot of her, but don't hold your breath.

Charles was a good sport, and pulled off a headband well :)
Maybe next time I'll do a hat for him instead.

Hand-stitched, thank you very much :)

Goldilocks, as she was acting out the story.

Walking through the forest.

My favorites are when she sees the three bears.

Holidays are SOO much better with kids.
Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!


Lindsay said...

Cute costumes!! Abigail is such a crack up!

mspaze31 said...

I agree! What a crafty little mama u are! Great costumes