Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Storytime with Mimi

Abigail loves reading books, and our selection at home is a lacking a little bit.

Friday we got to go visit Mimi in her classroom, and pick from an endless selection of books to bring home and read with Mimi. Abigail loved it. I need to read to her more often, but I get bored with the same old books and have a hard time finding good ones at the library. Mimi's selection is the bomb though. I need to just make a list and get after it.


Ricky and laurie Leiser said...

Christmas is right around the corner! I'm sure a new library full of books would go great with her new lunch box! ;)

Kim said...

We LOVE Splat the Cat :) Hey, I am needing to weed through our books because we have the opposite problem as you. Do you want them? I already have 1 box and will probably have another before I'm done.