Tuesday, April 17, 2007

boot SCOOT'in boogie

Well.... as a few of you may know, Charles and I made an addition to our family this weekend. We bought a brand new, 2007, 150cc, shiny blue, ROCKETA scooter!! That's right folks... we cruise around town on our moped!! We got it Saturday, and I still can't ride it without laughing! Dumb and dumber anyone? It's pretty fun though, and very economical :) We are selling the Rodeo with hopes to find a Honda that gets better gas mileage because the gas on that thing is eating our dinners these days! We should sell it this week, we have gotten one pretty good offer so far, but have someone else lined up to come check it out on Friday, hopefully that goes well! Anyway- I really just had to post the pictures we took posing in front of our apt with the scooter.Some of you might be looking at that sliver of seat behind Charles... thats right... thats where I fit in (kind of) We have to readjust from time to time, due to my caboose, but it works out quite nicely!
By the way... I just HAD to get the white helmet... it just added too much to the whole outfit.

Brad... just so you know, I think of you every time we saddle up on this puppy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Quotable Quotes from the Himmer Home...

We have decided that we need to start keeping a journal of funny things said... mostly by Charles because they really are just TOO funny sometimes. I thought I would share a few of the highlights from the recent weeks. I have to give a little bit of a description of the situations... but I think y'all will get a kick out of them.

As we were getting ready for bed one night, Charles went to swig some of the Listerine I had just bought. As he started to swish it around he went into the bedroom for a second and then came running back into the bathroom and spit it out in the sink, looked at the bottle of Listerine, and then at me and said in a panicked voice: "ADVANCED LISTERINE HONEY???? We need at least beginning or intermediate!"

We have recently been trying to eat healthier and work out more. After a few weeks of this I was telling Charles that I don't think I have a metabolism and if I do, it must go backwards because I didn't feel like anything was working. I was comparing myself to him... BIG MISTAKE! He accidentally looses weight all the time and I just find it! Anyway... as an attempted comfort he said: "Honey, its just that you are from Texas..." by the look on my face i think he knew he was in trouble so he followed it with... "What? Everything is bigger in Texas!" Again... he could tell he wasn't getting the expected response so he finished it with "I mean the portion sizes, honey, NOT YOU!" We have laughed about that one for a few weeks now!

One that I said that Charles thought was pretty funny and worth putting up here happened as we were eating dinner one night. He said something that made me laugh pretty hard and he said, "You know what I love about you? You have a great sense of humor, and you think I'm funny!" I responded with, "And what I love about you is that you think those two things go together!"

Something my sisters and anyone who has ever had the curse of sharing a bed with me can relate to... I remember Courtney and Lori telling Charles about how cuddly I am at night and how they could never get me off of them, I'd always have a leg or arm or something bugging them while they tried to sleep. I remember Charles saying he was excited for that before we got married because he loves cuddling. Well... its been about 3 and a half months now and he is singin a different song. He told me today that I "box out" in the middle of the night- elbows out and everything. I guess its just the little basketball player in me. He said that he tries to push me over so that he can have some room and I take that as "he wants to get closer, huh?" He has to maneuver around the elbows to the back throughout the night so he can get some sleep. I think its pretty fair actually... I make sure not to take up more than 80% of the bed! He's a skinny boy!

Hope y'all got a little laugh out of that... I know we have!!


Well... there hasn't been a whole lot going on lately, at least not much that was blog worthy. Here is one of our date nights from a few weekends ago. We decided to built a fort like we used to do as kids and make cookies and watch NEWSIES! Andria gave it to us for our wedding and we hadn't watched it yet, so we decided to make an event out of it. There is one picture of Charles with a heart cookie I made for him... what you don't know from the picture is that this is after he dropped it and it crumbled. He spent a few minutes (after laughing hysterically) to patch it up for a picture.