Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just for Courtney....

Courtney has been harassing me for about 3 weeks to put a picture up here of my growing belly. Reluctantly... I finally took a picture last night. I keep putting it off for a day that I "feel cute." I'm pretty sure those days are gone for now, haha. So there you have it... 6 1/2 weeks to go!! That is crazy to think. In church on Sunday she was moving around SO much! Everyone on our row was watching my stomach contort as she bounced around. We had friends sitting in the row in front of us, and even they could see her moving around, it was pretty fun. We'll have to work on keeping her reverent during Sacrament meeting :) She has been getting the hiccups a lot too, so thats kinda fun.
I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend! Ours was pretty busy, but we had a lot of fun. Now that Charles is working full time, it makes the time when he is home a lot more fun and valuable. I think he is going to be really sad this week when we move into our house- he is loving all the action around here with all of his brothers around. It has been a lot of fun!
Well, thats all for now folks- have a great week!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Almost there...

Well, if all goes as planned- a week from today we will have all of our projects complete, carpet installed, and our house will be ready for move in!! Things are coming along now and starting to look much more complete so that is very exciting. I took pictures of my favorite parts so far that we have done. We are just a few planks away from having our hardwood floor completely in, with a huge thanks to Mom Himmer and Andrew who made it happen this week. I LOVE the way it looks. It was a little more tricky than the instructions let on, but Andrew worked hard on it this week and it looks great. We finished the tiling in the master bathroom and got it all grouted this week, all we have left in there is for the shower door to be installed, and a few paint touch ups. This week I got our laundry room floor all prepped to tile down there on next week, so we should be able to knock that out, and I'll take more pictures as we progress. We still have some major cleaning to do, and lots of work outside- but that will probably have to wait until after we get everything settled in, then we can have fun outside. Well, here are the pictures I took yesterday.
New Garage Door and Exterior Paint
New Front Door

Inside Paint color, Solatube, and extra lighting in the living room, and our stair railings that aren't on our stairs yet :)

New light for dining area, and FLOORS!!!

New kitchen counters, backsplash, and floors

Master Bath Shower

Still needs some cleanup, but thats the master bath counter and some of the floor (the floor is really dirty still)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Gig Harbor

Ok, I finally uploaded some of the pictures I have taken since we have been here. I still need to take some of the house, and I have requests in for updates on my growing belly- so more pictures to come. Things are coming along with the house- I can't believe how great Charles' mom has been, we would not be able to move in for YEARS if she hadn't been working so hard for us. It's looking like things will wrap up here in the next couple of weeks and we will be in :) It has been fun to stay at the Himmer house and be a part of everything there. Charles and I were saying last night, we still feel like we are in vacation mode because it is weird to be here and be done. I think reality will set in once we get moved in and settle in to our new place. Anyway- here are the pictures, Enjoy!

Here is Charles one night on a walk we were taking at sunset
a shot of the sun through the trees

here we are together on our walk through Kopachuk park

Sunset from the Himmer house- really pretty

Here are a few from our walk down by the Harbor

Here we have the boys anxiously awaiting the arrival of their brother after 2 years!!

Welcome Home Andrew!!

Chef Sam helping me with Dinner- I made him wear the hat and apron, haha

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Quick Update from Us

I don't have any pictures for now, but things are going great here in Washington. I finally got to meet Andrew, Charles' younger brother that has been on a mission in Hungary. He got home on Sunday and its been really fun to get to know him the past few days. It is also good to have Mom and Dad Himmer back. We have been back to work on the house this week getting things done, but there are a few (HOME DEPOT) hold ups that have pushed back our move in date to June. We have been waiting for our order of hard wood floors from Home Depot and they are about 3 weeks late and we still don't have them (hopefully today). But since those aren't in, we can't do the carpet that was scheduled for install this week, and their next available date to do the carpet wasn't until May 30-31. So, we have lots of time to get things done between now and then. We are really lucky to have a place to stay and it is fun to get to spend time with the family in the mean time. Yesterday we had all the boys over at the house helping with things, so that has been GREAT! I have been meaning to take pictures, but a lot of projects are near completion, so I will take some soon and put them up. That's about all for us these days. It is great to be done with school and reading for fun and having time to go to the gym and all of that! I think Charles is really enjoying getting to work all day too. We have been whipped into reality that we can't be together all day every day as it was when we were in Provo working at the same place. That took a little bit of adjusting to the first few days, but I think we are getting the hang of it- and this Friday we will have our first night apart since we have been married :(. He is going to the Father and Son's camp out with his dad and all the brothers. It is the first time they will ALL get to go. Anyway, thats our update- pictures coming soon....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The last blog about our trip to Texas... I PROMISE

Well, as you all know by now, we took a trip to Texas- here is the last set of pictures I have from our trip. I went a little picture crazy this time down there, I know- but it was a great visit! Probably one of my favorite trips home ever.
This is Charles reading to Mom's class. We took her lunch one day that she had to work while we were there and stuck around for story time afterward. Since Charles sat in the hotseat, he got to read. He did some great frog voices!!

This is Mimi reading to the kids. It was a really cute book called Sam's Sandwich about this boy that puts bugs in his sister's sandwich. The kids really got into it, you can see them here right in the middle of their "EWWWW!!"

One night Chloe ran right into Logan's head and got a bloody nose. She was good to go though, once she found this bandaid and put it on :)

I don't think I enjoy many things as much as I do watching the sunset from the farm in Krum- its always just gorgeous!

Flattering picture of myself, I know... but they loved riding that "tractor"

Annie fishing in the weeds

Logan playing in the water- I wonder why the fish weren't biting??

I love all the pictures of the three of them. They are so cute together and get along really great- unless one of them is feeling bossy :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Boys will be boys

When we were in Texas, one night we went out to Papa's farm in Krum for some fishin, shootin, and weeny roasting. When we got there, part of the dock had broken off and been carried off when the water was really high. Brad and Charles went to pick it up in the pick up, and when they got there, they found a skunk underneath- what a pleasant surprise. Don't worry... the boys were ready to take care of it. That is where the bulk of the pictures from this blog came from. Jeremy got his gun, Charles took video (which Lori might need to blog, Charles wants to see how it turned out), and Brad tied a rope to one end of the dock, and to his truck. As he pulled the dock away, Jeremy got the skunk. Lori, Mom, and I sat back laughing, waiting for a disaster to commence, but we were pretty impressed with Jeremy's dead on shot that left the event a little less dramatic. The other pictures are just some of the boys doing their boy things. It was fun to see Charles having fun with them.Charles and Jeremy heading out to do some skeet shootin'

After recovering the dock, they reassembled it so we could use it for fishing

This is Charles hurrying into the back of the truck after discovering the skunk for the first time

Brad tying things up...

Brad's impression of the Skunk after Jeremy's shot

Brad scared charles pretty good when they were all huddled around the skunk

Jeremy... the dead eye

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Move...

We are now successfully moved to Washington... meaning- us, and all of our boxes made it. We are no where near moved in. Our house does not have carpet yet, so all of our boxes and everything are just in our garage for now. We are staying at the Himmer Heezie for a couple of weeks while Charles' parents are out of town picking up his little brother from his mission (who I still haven't met and can't wait to see). We ended up staying up all night the last night we were packing before we took off to go to Texas for a few days. I think we are still recovering from that. After we stayed a few days in Texas, we flew back to Salt Lake, got in our car, and started the drive to Washington. We made it here about 14 hours later. Its normally about a 12 hour drive... but let's face it, my bladder just isn't what it used to be :) Anyway, our stuff arrived in our POD today and we had some help unloading, so its all out. By the way- if anyone is moving anytime soon- I HIGHLY recommend the ABF U-Pack as the way to go for moving your stuff. They drop off a big storage thing at your house, you pack it, call them when its ready, and then they pick it up and move it for you. Then when you get to the new house, you call, and they bring it there, let you unload, then haul it off. SO NICE! Way better then renting a truck. Charles did a VERY impressive job of packing our stuff in it. It looked like he was playing real life Tetris trying to pack it all in there. Here are a few pictures right before we locked it up. It was packed to the brim!!


Ok, this is an assortment of pictures from the night before graduation and then from our convocation where we had some family there. We finally did it!! We made it to graduation. We have even gotten our grades now, and we did indeed graduate. Anyway- here are some of the pictures. Enjoy!
Here we are with Grandma and Grandpa John, Alissa and Baby Henry

With Grandma and Grandpa

Some of our aunts came down for it too

Charles, Me, and Andria

Engagement pictures... Graduation style??

Andria made me do that... Check out the belly