Saturday, May 3, 2008

Boys will be boys

When we were in Texas, one night we went out to Papa's farm in Krum for some fishin, shootin, and weeny roasting. When we got there, part of the dock had broken off and been carried off when the water was really high. Brad and Charles went to pick it up in the pick up, and when they got there, they found a skunk underneath- what a pleasant surprise. Don't worry... the boys were ready to take care of it. That is where the bulk of the pictures from this blog came from. Jeremy got his gun, Charles took video (which Lori might need to blog, Charles wants to see how it turned out), and Brad tied a rope to one end of the dock, and to his truck. As he pulled the dock away, Jeremy got the skunk. Lori, Mom, and I sat back laughing, waiting for a disaster to commence, but we were pretty impressed with Jeremy's dead on shot that left the event a little less dramatic. The other pictures are just some of the boys doing their boy things. It was fun to see Charles having fun with them.Charles and Jeremy heading out to do some skeet shootin'

After recovering the dock, they reassembled it so we could use it for fishing

This is Charles hurrying into the back of the truck after discovering the skunk for the first time

Brad tying things up...

Brad's impression of the Skunk after Jeremy's shot

Brad scared charles pretty good when they were all huddled around the skunk

Jeremy... the dead eye

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Kyle & Alissa said...

Ha, that is a great story with wonderful picture illustrations. Thanks for sharing. We are kinda sad we missed all the excitement.