Thursday, May 8, 2008

The last blog about our trip to Texas... I PROMISE

Well, as you all know by now, we took a trip to Texas- here is the last set of pictures I have from our trip. I went a little picture crazy this time down there, I know- but it was a great visit! Probably one of my favorite trips home ever.
This is Charles reading to Mom's class. We took her lunch one day that she had to work while we were there and stuck around for story time afterward. Since Charles sat in the hotseat, he got to read. He did some great frog voices!!

This is Mimi reading to the kids. It was a really cute book called Sam's Sandwich about this boy that puts bugs in his sister's sandwich. The kids really got into it, you can see them here right in the middle of their "EWWWW!!"

One night Chloe ran right into Logan's head and got a bloody nose. She was good to go though, once she found this bandaid and put it on :)

I don't think I enjoy many things as much as I do watching the sunset from the farm in Krum- its always just gorgeous!

Flattering picture of myself, I know... but they loved riding that "tractor"

Annie fishing in the weeds

Logan playing in the water- I wonder why the fish weren't biting??

I love all the pictures of the three of them. They are so cute together and get along really great- unless one of them is feeling bossy :)


Joey and Kara Fabela said...

They almost could be triplets! I love the next to last pic where they are all sittin on the ground and looking left. Too cute!

Kyle & Alissa said...

Those pictures are fantastic Heather. I wish I had been there. THey look like they were having so much fun! WE miss you SOOO much

Em said...

Great pics Heather. You have an eye for photography!