Friday, May 2, 2008

The Move...

We are now successfully moved to Washington... meaning- us, and all of our boxes made it. We are no where near moved in. Our house does not have carpet yet, so all of our boxes and everything are just in our garage for now. We are staying at the Himmer Heezie for a couple of weeks while Charles' parents are out of town picking up his little brother from his mission (who I still haven't met and can't wait to see). We ended up staying up all night the last night we were packing before we took off to go to Texas for a few days. I think we are still recovering from that. After we stayed a few days in Texas, we flew back to Salt Lake, got in our car, and started the drive to Washington. We made it here about 14 hours later. Its normally about a 12 hour drive... but let's face it, my bladder just isn't what it used to be :) Anyway, our stuff arrived in our POD today and we had some help unloading, so its all out. By the way- if anyone is moving anytime soon- I HIGHLY recommend the ABF U-Pack as the way to go for moving your stuff. They drop off a big storage thing at your house, you pack it, call them when its ready, and then they pick it up and move it for you. Then when you get to the new house, you call, and they bring it there, let you unload, then haul it off. SO NICE! Way better then renting a truck. Charles did a VERY impressive job of packing our stuff in it. It looked like he was playing real life Tetris trying to pack it all in there. Here are a few pictures right before we locked it up. It was packed to the brim!!

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