Monday, May 19, 2008

Gig Harbor

Ok, I finally uploaded some of the pictures I have taken since we have been here. I still need to take some of the house, and I have requests in for updates on my growing belly- so more pictures to come. Things are coming along with the house- I can't believe how great Charles' mom has been, we would not be able to move in for YEARS if she hadn't been working so hard for us. It's looking like things will wrap up here in the next couple of weeks and we will be in :) It has been fun to stay at the Himmer house and be a part of everything there. Charles and I were saying last night, we still feel like we are in vacation mode because it is weird to be here and be done. I think reality will set in once we get moved in and settle in to our new place. Anyway- here are the pictures, Enjoy!

Here is Charles one night on a walk we were taking at sunset
a shot of the sun through the trees

here we are together on our walk through Kopachuk park

Sunset from the Himmer house- really pretty

Here are a few from our walk down by the Harbor

Here we have the boys anxiously awaiting the arrival of their brother after 2 years!!

Welcome Home Andrew!!

Chef Sam helping me with Dinner- I made him wear the hat and apron, haha


Alison said...

wow it looks beautiful there!

Kyle & Alissa said...

It really does look beautiful there Heather. I am so glad that you and Charles have each other and that you are so happy. We love you and we miss you. I love the pictures... keep them coming!