Tuesday, March 25, 2008

BIG movement

I just have to say- holy cow... I thought I could feel this baby move before, but boy is she growing fast! My new fascination is just watching my belly move with her kicks... I can't believe I can actually SEE when she moves now. It is getting hard to focus in class when she's active because I just want to stare at my belly.

I can't wait to see family this weekend!! Mom, Brad, Courtney, and Papa are all coming up for Henry's blessing. It has been a long week waiting for Friday to come. Also... I am now less than one month away from graduation- and we take off for Washington one month from today. Lots is progressing with our house, so that is exciting! I'll get pictures up as soon as I have some.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


So, lately I have been wanting to get lots of fun projects going! This weekend I had the idea that I wanted to make a journal/book of pictures and stories from when Charles and I first met, up until we got married. I am writing down everything I remember because I didn't write much in my journal at the time, so I have spent the last two days making up for missed journal entries. So far I have 11 single spaced pages in word... I am amazed at how many details I remember, and how fun it is to write it all down now looking back at it all. I am making Charles write his side of it to, then I am going to put it all together in a book with pictures from our friend days, and dating and everything up to the wedding. I am going to find somewhere that can print it and bind it in a book. I think it will be a pretty cool thing to have :) I also have another project I need to get started on for one of my classes. For my Religion in the Home class (I know... only at BYU), I have to spend 10-20 hours on a religious object for our home as the final project for the class. I have put in my proposal to make lots of different things to hang in our new home. I want to make some wooden signs to hang with our favorite scriptures and quotes. I think I want to try making some cute little pillows with some on them too. I might even try a cross-stitch! Haha... we'll see, I will have to learn how to do all of these, but I think it would be really fun!
The most fun project I am looking forward to is to make all the bedding for the nursery! I know what I want to use, the store is just out of the fabric I need, so I have been calling every day hoping it will come in soon! Well, I know my blogs have been a lot of text, and not many pictures lately- sorry... kind of boring. I could take some pictures of us at school or work or something if that would liven things up a bit ;) Anyway- thats it for now- hope everyone is doing great!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Counting up... counting down :)

Nothing is really going on for us right now... I am actually extremely bored this week. My classes are all really laid back this week. Of my five classes, one was cancelled for the week, and one we had a guest speaker, so we haven't had any reading for it. Another one I read ahead and finished the book we are reading, so I didn't have anything for that. So basically, this week I have had only 2 classes to read for- which is AWESOME... but none of you probably care about that :)
Anyway- I am bored without school work. I was hoping to have the fabric I want to make a quilt, but they are out of the fabric I want... so I've just been waiting.
As for the title of the blog today... I think reality is starting to set in a little bit- we graduate 6 weeks from today... and I am 23 weeks along today. WOAH... it is crazy to me how much different our lives are going to be in the next few months. It is exciting though :) I can't wait! For anyone who is interested or going to be around- our graduation is the 24 and 25 of April. It will be very exciting... haha We weren't planning on walking, but Kyle and Alissa convinced us that it would be a good experience- so we are gonna do it :) Well.. I am going to stop babbling and find something to keep myself occupied with!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nesting, Cravings, and the Sweetest husband ever!!

So this week has been a fun one... full of lots of interesting things. I thought I would just highlight a few that might be entertaining for y'all. First of all- our FHE this week some how turned into me insisting we go get some boxes and start packing things we wouldn't need for the next 6 weeks (yes.... that is how soon we are moving- I can't believe it!!). Well we got some boxes and I packed most of my clothes- considering I can't wear 90% of them. That got a little out of hand because you all know what happens when you move- you just decide there is a LOT that is not worth moving. Well by the end of my escapade, I had for boxes packed, and about 9 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, and other random things ready to take to the DI. Charles was a little alarmed... "Are you sure we don't need any of that?" haha... I just said- Darling, I think its safe to say my nesting instincts have kicked in. Charles laughed and said- its about time- I've been waiting for those to kick in :) I would take a picture of the pile that is still sitting in our living room... but I don't want evidence.
Well Tuesday night brought an interesting occasion as well. Charles plays basketball with the Elders Quorum on Tuesday nights, so I normally just go work out while he's gone. Tuesday I was not feeling too hot though, so I just stayed at home and made him promise to be home by 10 (I can't go to sleep without him there... My imagination goes crazy :) So he got home at 10 and we were both exhausted. Charles couldn't sleep well the night before so he had been awake since 4:45 that morning. Well after about an hour of tossing and turning, I talked Charles into going to the store to get me some ginger ale to settle my stomach. He wasn't feeling well either so he thought it was a good idea, but wanted me to come ride along. This is the beginning of our first late night craving experience. I know what you are thinking- Heather, thats pretty normal. The only thing is.... it wasn't me with the crazy cravings- it was my dear husband. Well, I waited in the car- Charles was embarrassed for me to go in with my leopard print pj pants :) After about 10 minutes Charles rounds the corner carrying the ginger ale and 2 full sacks of groceries. I burst into laughter and he grinned the whole way to the car. When he climbed in he informed me that when he went inside he realized that he was hungry and that's why his stomach hurt and that EVERYTHING looked good. So he bought: ginger ale, cocoa puffs, queso, french bread, yogurt, spaghetti o's, and a couple cup o' noodles. You must also know that my dear husband ate a little of all of that before he retired to bed that night. My favorite quote while he was scarfing it all down came when he tried the french bread dipped in queso: "Oh GOSH- this is so good. It tastes like those pretzels and cheese at the basketball games." He kept insisting I try some, but I was still not feeling well... and watching him eat it made me nauseous :)
Last but not least... I have the best husband EVER. I have been bombarding him with things that I want lately. One of which is a heart rate monitor for working out. I have wanted one ever since Lori showed me hers a few years ago, but especially since I have been prego. Well this week we got a package with Charles' name on it. I was in a hurry so I didn't open it, just told him he got a package and he said no.... you did. That peaked my interest so I opened it right away. Well, the morning he woke up at 4 am, he decided to just surprise me with this lovely heart rate monitor. I was so excited!! I tried it out the next day at the gym and love it!! What a lucky (and spoiled) girl I am :) :) :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

21 Weeks and goin' strong

Well... I took this first picture 2 weeks ago because Courtney had been ragging on me to put one up. By the time I got around to uploading it- I figured I might as well document the growth- so here's big mama!!

19 weeks

21 weeks

And... you know what is SO fun... trying to take a "flattering" picture of yourself when you are pregnant... haha... fat chance!! Anyway- everything is going great! I am feeling good AND I got another pair of jeans today so now I have TWO pair that fit me, haha. Very fun :) I am feeling her move around all the time which is pretty fun and reassures me that there is actually something down there, not just me making it up for an excuse for my insane hunger.