Saturday, March 1, 2008

21 Weeks and goin' strong

Well... I took this first picture 2 weeks ago because Courtney had been ragging on me to put one up. By the time I got around to uploading it- I figured I might as well document the growth- so here's big mama!!

19 weeks

21 weeks

And... you know what is SO fun... trying to take a "flattering" picture of yourself when you are pregnant... haha... fat chance!! Anyway- everything is going great! I am feeling good AND I got another pair of jeans today so now I have TWO pair that fit me, haha. Very fun :) I am feeling her move around all the time which is pretty fun and reassures me that there is actually something down there, not just me making it up for an excuse for my insane hunger.


Em said...

wohooo! more than halfway there!!!

Texas Blad's said...

You look great, girl!! Thanks for the pics, wish we were there!!

kim said...

Heather, you are such a cute pregnant mommy! How fun to see you showing.