Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Girl

Courtney has to LOVE this picture, but I keep looking at it and BUSTING up laughing... I just love it!!
Wow, I cannot believe my little sister is turning 19 today... where has time gone?? She's turning 19, and I'm sounding like a grandma saying this haha! Anyway- Today's blog is a Happy Birthday Shoutout to the firecracker at the end of our family, HAPPY BIRTHDAY QBERT!!

Courtney is the kind of girl that comes into your life, and you never forget her. She is a fiery little ball of energy with a little bit (ok, she can have a lot) of sass. One of my favorite things about Courtney is the way she is never afraid to just let loose and have a good time. She is one of the most caring people I know- especially when it comes to caring for people who need extra care. She has always taken special interest in anyone or anything that she feels she can help. Whether it is an old neighbor who needs someone to talk to, someone who is handicapped and needs a friend when everyone else is picking on them, or just a dog at the pound that "spoke to her." Courtney has brought home more helpless animals than anyone I have ever known, we used to tease her and call her Dr. Doolittle. She has a huge heart and has a way with people that few people can compare to. AND... this girl was made to work magic with children. I know she is the favorite aunt by FAR, and I will never compare to her on that note. Sure love you girl! Hope you had a great day!!

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Texas Blad's said...

those are some good pics, I copied my favorite, for my courtney post!