Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, we had our official ultrasound tonight and we have confirmed that we have a very health (very active) little girl. She was moving all around but we got a good look and the technician said to go ahead with the pink purchases. We got 3 cute shots of her face- she wouldn't let us have another profile shot, but thats ok. Everything else looks great. We saw the four chambers of her heart which was pretty cool, and her heartbeat is normal. AND... good news- we got some good shots of her bum as the Dr. said she was boxing out- an early basketball player. She must hear me yelling during Charles's basketball games for those guys to get some rebounds!! I see some real potential here :) We couldn't be happier!! There's the latest for us!!


Megan Ferguson Roberts said...

I love the pics of their face! Love it!

Bj & Katherine said...

i love the pictures of the face too. pink here you come.

Richard said...

from a very proud Grandfather: Go Pink!!!