Thursday, March 13, 2008

Counting up... counting down :)

Nothing is really going on for us right now... I am actually extremely bored this week. My classes are all really laid back this week. Of my five classes, one was cancelled for the week, and one we had a guest speaker, so we haven't had any reading for it. Another one I read ahead and finished the book we are reading, so I didn't have anything for that. So basically, this week I have had only 2 classes to read for- which is AWESOME... but none of you probably care about that :)
Anyway- I am bored without school work. I was hoping to have the fabric I want to make a quilt, but they are out of the fabric I want... so I've just been waiting.
As for the title of the blog today... I think reality is starting to set in a little bit- we graduate 6 weeks from today... and I am 23 weeks along today. WOAH... it is crazy to me how much different our lives are going to be in the next few months. It is exciting though :) I can't wait! For anyone who is interested or going to be around- our graduation is the 24 and 25 of April. It will be very exciting... haha We weren't planning on walking, but Kyle and Alissa convinced us that it would be a good experience- so we are gonna do it :) Well.. I am going to stop babbling and find something to keep myself occupied with!!

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