Sunday, March 16, 2008


So, lately I have been wanting to get lots of fun projects going! This weekend I had the idea that I wanted to make a journal/book of pictures and stories from when Charles and I first met, up until we got married. I am writing down everything I remember because I didn't write much in my journal at the time, so I have spent the last two days making up for missed journal entries. So far I have 11 single spaced pages in word... I am amazed at how many details I remember, and how fun it is to write it all down now looking back at it all. I am making Charles write his side of it to, then I am going to put it all together in a book with pictures from our friend days, and dating and everything up to the wedding. I am going to find somewhere that can print it and bind it in a book. I think it will be a pretty cool thing to have :) I also have another project I need to get started on for one of my classes. For my Religion in the Home class (I know... only at BYU), I have to spend 10-20 hours on a religious object for our home as the final project for the class. I have put in my proposal to make lots of different things to hang in our new home. I want to make some wooden signs to hang with our favorite scriptures and quotes. I think I want to try making some cute little pillows with some on them too. I might even try a cross-stitch! Haha... we'll see, I will have to learn how to do all of these, but I think it would be really fun!
The most fun project I am looking forward to is to make all the bedding for the nursery! I know what I want to use, the store is just out of the fabric I need, so I have been calling every day hoping it will come in soon! Well, I know my blogs have been a lot of text, and not many pictures lately- sorry... kind of boring. I could take some pictures of us at school or work or something if that would liven things up a bit ;) Anyway- thats it for now- hope everyone is doing great!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hey heather, i just thought i'd suggest this site, Blurb, (go to my blog under Fun Stuff to find the link). you can download a software application that gives you a way to make a real-bound book. i've got about 4 books already started. i'm really REALLY into it because it doesn't take up so much time like scrapbooking! so go check it out. I LOVE IT! and hopefully it'll help you get all that stuff together! it sure has helped me! and it will be a lot better to have when you have that little baby of yours running around all day!!! :) HAVE FUN! -Kristen

Samye said...

Congrats on the pregnancy and everything!! Making a book about your "before life" is a great idea!! Great to see that you guys are doing great!