Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nesting, Cravings, and the Sweetest husband ever!!

So this week has been a fun one... full of lots of interesting things. I thought I would just highlight a few that might be entertaining for y'all. First of all- our FHE this week some how turned into me insisting we go get some boxes and start packing things we wouldn't need for the next 6 weeks (yes.... that is how soon we are moving- I can't believe it!!). Well we got some boxes and I packed most of my clothes- considering I can't wear 90% of them. That got a little out of hand because you all know what happens when you move- you just decide there is a LOT that is not worth moving. Well by the end of my escapade, I had for boxes packed, and about 9 garbage bags full of clothes, shoes, and other random things ready to take to the DI. Charles was a little alarmed... "Are you sure we don't need any of that?" haha... I just said- Darling, I think its safe to say my nesting instincts have kicked in. Charles laughed and said- its about time- I've been waiting for those to kick in :) I would take a picture of the pile that is still sitting in our living room... but I don't want evidence.
Well Tuesday night brought an interesting occasion as well. Charles plays basketball with the Elders Quorum on Tuesday nights, so I normally just go work out while he's gone. Tuesday I was not feeling too hot though, so I just stayed at home and made him promise to be home by 10 (I can't go to sleep without him there... My imagination goes crazy :) So he got home at 10 and we were both exhausted. Charles couldn't sleep well the night before so he had been awake since 4:45 that morning. Well after about an hour of tossing and turning, I talked Charles into going to the store to get me some ginger ale to settle my stomach. He wasn't feeling well either so he thought it was a good idea, but wanted me to come ride along. This is the beginning of our first late night craving experience. I know what you are thinking- Heather, thats pretty normal. The only thing is.... it wasn't me with the crazy cravings- it was my dear husband. Well, I waited in the car- Charles was embarrassed for me to go in with my leopard print pj pants :) After about 10 minutes Charles rounds the corner carrying the ginger ale and 2 full sacks of groceries. I burst into laughter and he grinned the whole way to the car. When he climbed in he informed me that when he went inside he realized that he was hungry and that's why his stomach hurt and that EVERYTHING looked good. So he bought: ginger ale, cocoa puffs, queso, french bread, yogurt, spaghetti o's, and a couple cup o' noodles. You must also know that my dear husband ate a little of all of that before he retired to bed that night. My favorite quote while he was scarfing it all down came when he tried the french bread dipped in queso: "Oh GOSH- this is so good. It tastes like those pretzels and cheese at the basketball games." He kept insisting I try some, but I was still not feeling well... and watching him eat it made me nauseous :)
Last but not least... I have the best husband EVER. I have been bombarding him with things that I want lately. One of which is a heart rate monitor for working out. I have wanted one ever since Lori showed me hers a few years ago, but especially since I have been prego. Well this week we got a package with Charles' name on it. I was in a hurry so I didn't open it, just told him he got a package and he said no.... you did. That peaked my interest so I opened it right away. Well, the morning he woke up at 4 am, he decided to just surprise me with this lovely heart rate monitor. I was so excited!! I tried it out the next day at the gym and love it!! What a lucky (and spoiled) girl I am :) :) :)


Joey and Kara Fabela said...


It is Kara Brown Fabela. How are you? I found your blog through Emily's and I have loved catching up on your growing family. Girls are so much fun! I just love all the clothes and cute things. Congrats and you will have so much fun! Is it okay if I add you to my blog?

Em said...

What a good hubby. I love that story about y'all at the grocery store late at night.

Brad said...

i had more cravings than becca did during pregnancy. They crappy thing is you get to have the baby and lose all that weight at once. you girls have it easy.

Texas Blad's said...

Brad brings up a good point, Jeremy put on pregnancy weight with me, too- We do have it a little easier:)
And YEA for a new heart rate monitor, woohoo!

Kyle & Alissa said...


I love that post. You do have a very sweet husband but I think you both are just sweet to eachother. You guys are great and we appreciate you both so much. I am sad that you guys are leaving in 6 weeks. That is CRAZY.


Bj & Katherine said...

haha heather i love love your funny stories. thats so funny about the french bread and cheese dip. haha.