Tuesday, April 17, 2007

boot SCOOT'in boogie

Well.... as a few of you may know, Charles and I made an addition to our family this weekend. We bought a brand new, 2007, 150cc, shiny blue, ROCKETA scooter!! That's right folks... we cruise around town on our moped!! We got it Saturday, and I still can't ride it without laughing! Dumb and dumber anyone? It's pretty fun though, and very economical :) We are selling the Rodeo with hopes to find a Honda that gets better gas mileage because the gas on that thing is eating our dinners these days! We should sell it this week, we have gotten one pretty good offer so far, but have someone else lined up to come check it out on Friday, hopefully that goes well! Anyway- I really just had to post the pictures we took posing in front of our apt with the scooter.Some of you might be looking at that sliver of seat behind Charles... thats right... thats where I fit in (kind of) We have to readjust from time to time, due to my caboose, but it works out quite nicely!
By the way... I just HAD to get the white helmet... it just added too much to the whole outfit.

Brad... just so you know, I think of you every time we saddle up on this puppy!

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Em said...

oh. my. goodness. You two are absolutely crazy! How economical!