Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall is in full swing :)

I think fall has arrived bringing it's low '90 degree weather, and cool nights and mornings.
We are enjoying the chance to be back at the parks.
How often do you feel like your kids clothes need an explanation?
I mean, passed the 'dressed themselves' assumption. Here is one.
These pictures were taken on a little break we took from a drive back from Denton last weekend. Yes, we took a break on the usually 3.5 hour drive- turned 5+ hours. We were all taking a beating and had to get out of the car for a few minutes.

Anyway- back to the outfit. We had a fun weekend, Abigail got really dirty every day, as did her clothes. So when we got down to the last day, and the last clean clothes, this is what was left. She put on a really cute skirt, one of my favorites actually. Then she put on her white shirt, not so bad... except that, her and Ellie have the same white shirt, and Ellie's got packed, not Abigail's. Normally I would have switched it out, but we didn't have any other clean shirts, or time to do laundry. So my 3 year old, was sporting her 12 month shirt- rocking the bare mid-drift, and if the crocs don't top off the look, I'm not sure anything else would have. Except maybe the strawberry stains on her shirt from the car.

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