Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Abigail started Kindergarten this week.  I will spare you my emotional saga.  She was very nervous about meeting all the new kids in her class.  She didn't know any of them, and was pretty scared by the thought of 18 new kids in her class.  She hid behind me as we walked into the school, but went to her seat and was fine from there on.  When she got in the car, before I could say anything, she said, "MOM! It was GREAT! I LOVED it!!" She was pretty exhausted the rest of the day, and this morning when I woke her up, she asked if she could take a nap after school today.

Her and Ellie really missed each other.  Ellie cried when we left without Abigail, and when we picked her up, they hugged for a long time in the car.  Today Ellie is asking about her and asking if we can go pick her up.  She misses her play buddy.

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