Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plan B

We drove up to Denton last weekend for a couple of reasons.

It was Jeremy's last weekend here before he flies back to Abu Dhabi... Lori and the girls following not to long after. Courtney and Daniel will soon be moving to Colorado. So the family is going to be spread out, so we wanted a good family picture before everyone disperses. It isn't often that we are ALL together.

I scheduled a doctors appointment for while we were there too.

Well, Mom went and got sick. Really sick, the day we were set to take pictures. So instead, we cancelled the photographer, and I busted out my sidekick (camera) and we had some fun.

I wish we could have had some with everyone, but at least we had all the grandkids together.
Seriously though, Abigail NEVER picks her nose. Of course...
in more than half the pictures she is digging for gold.

Didn't have to pose these girls- they worked it.

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knjfabela said...

You did a great job on these pics! I must admit I'm quite sad about Courtney moving! Now I won't have any friends at church.:(