Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Dance Girl

I got this idea a few weeks ago on a friends blog and we started doing it.
I got a jar and some "warm fuzzies."
When she does something good, she gets to put a warm fuzzy in her jar.

Since we had such a big jar, we were pretty liberal with the warm fuzzies.
She got one pretty much any time she did what we asked her to.
Abigail worked hard for about 3 weeks to fill her jar of warm fuzzies. (I was really surprised how many it took to fill the jar, next up, smaller jar)

Much worse than a time out- if she was naughty, she lost a warm fuzzy.
Today she put her last warm fuzzy in the jar, and then got her reward.

Ballet Class.

She loved every minute of it.
This is going to be a fun addition to our little lives.

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Kimbo said...

so cute, Ashlyn just loves pretending to be a ballerina. I really want to get her into dance classes.