Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Moments I Want to Remember

Our girls get along so well.

The never fight.

Abigail loves sharing everything with Ellie.

Abigail never gets jealous, or possessive.

.... insert reality....

As Ellie gets older, the sister relationship gets gradually closer to a love/hate.
Abigail really does love Ellie. She says it all the time.
Abigail really does not love sharing all of her toys with Ellie.
She also says that all the time.
I think it really bothers her that Ellie puts them in her mouth.
She is getting better and better about sharing, but it is a learning experience.
Toys are still a sore spot a lot of times, but they are having fun playing together- especially when no toys are involved.

The other day, Abigail wanted to play doctor and have Ellie do a check up.
Abigail thought it was so funny that Ellie was "checking her" when she was on the floor.

Her bedside manner isn't anything to brag about...
But she knows her stuff.

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