Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A visit from a far away land...

Last week we were lucky enough to have Grandma come visit for the week. Abigail LOVED having someone who would submit to her playtime demands a little more freely than I do. It was a week of constant entertainment. They made cookies, playdough, pinkalicious cupcakes, played new games that Grandma brought with her, played horsies (there was a learning curve for Grandma there- Abigail is very particular about her horses), we visited splash pads and the pool, Abigail got to go get a pedicure with grandma, and even did a little shopping.

I think they wore each other out :)

Me? I watched. I ran a million errands that I have been wanting to do for a long time, but didn't want to do with 2 kids in tow. I went to the gym, ALONE.

I got a date night with Charles.

I got to sleep in a few mornings.

It was GREAT to have her here.
A big thanks to Baba and the Uncles for letting her come. It is no small sacrifice for them to be without the lady of the house for a whole week.


Richard said...

I missed all three girls last week. Is it possible to hug a picture on my computer?

Thx for sharing, it's hard enough without staying in touch.



Lindsay said...

Looks like a really fun time! That first picture of Cheri and the girls is SO cute Heather!

Em said...

What a fabulous mother-in-law! Those are lucky little girls and you're a lucky lady too!