Thursday, June 2, 2011

The gang

This is Abigail's bedtime gang. It started as an infant with one bear snuggly. Then she came home from a trip to Mimi's house with a hand-me-down doll from the twins. She took that doll everywhere, and of course, had to sleep with it. Then, one day she lost her bear snuggly. I thought the world was going to end. We couldn't find the same one anywhere. So I bought the Elephant. It did not suffice. So I ordered a bear online. Then we found the old bear at nursery. We held on to the elephant for Ellie. The Lion was an impulse buy at Target one day. Minnie Mouse was a sympathy purchase mid-move when Abigail had very few toys, and we were living out of suitcases in a hotel. Then Ellie was born, and suddenly the elephant wasn't so repulsive anymore. They all have to be tucked away nicely at bedtime. She snuggles with the bears, the others watch over her from the edge of her bed as she sleeps. These are not just toys. Let me inform you, in order from left to right, we have:
Mommy, Big girl, baby bear, blanket (she uses this to tuck the others in), Ellie, and Daddy.

There are nights that she tries to add to the party. She makes requests for her kitty cat, her doggy... we have to draw the line somewhere right?

Right. You know who's boss around here.

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Fancy Nancy ;-) said...

These stories brighten my day SO much! And yet, my heart aches for the time of life when I too can cherish memories such as these but with my own set of littles. Tell sweet little Miss Abbs that she is considered a queen amongst family tuck-ins. And I adore it :) The most creative I ever got with my stuffed animals was Mr. Bear... for a white stuffed bear who almost always wore Christmas outfits. (I think its because they were sewed on though)

Thank you, as always, for sharing the joys of Himmer Happenings with the rest of us civilians. Big hugs to you and best wishes for more lovely stories.