Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Chairs

We have been meaning to buy some camping chairs for months. We have had several times where we get somewhere and think, if we had some chairs, this would be perfect. Well, last week, Charles did a run to the grocery store for me, and came home with 2 camping chairs.

He was proud that he had filled our need for such an item. I loaded them up in the back of the car, questioning their size. Then I saw the tag, "Junior Arm Chair." Hmmm... So you got a good deal on these, honey? I decided to test what my suspicion was telling me and pulled one of the chairs out. Sure enough... if my hiney would even fit in the tiny chair, I was sure to crush it with my weight.

I felt bad breaking the news to Charles when he was so proud of the deal he had found. Well, we decided to return the chairs and head to Academy, where I had seen an ad for a better price on chairs.

I made Charles go do the return. He said the guy was laughing at him pretty hard when they asked if anything was wrong with the chairs and he explained the reason for his return.

We went to Academy after to get some real chairs. The girls both crashed in the car. I mean- CRASHED. We got them both out and loaded them in the stroller without interruption. We decided for an impromptu date night with our girls, out cold. We got some new chairs for us, and some pink junior chairs for the girlies.

Then we went to a drive thru Mexican food place and got some terrible food.

Then we threw that away. Yuck.

It was a fun little night though, and the girls like their chairs. Abigail gives them a thumbs up.

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