Sunday, June 5, 2011

Prayer with Abigail

This week has been a DOOZY.

Abigail has not been sleeping very well. She has her mind set.
When it is dark, she sleeps, when it is not dark, she doesn't.


That makes things rough when it doesn't get dark until after 9, and is light before 6.

When she is well rested, she truly is a delight to be around. When she is tired, she gets down right ornery, and defiant. Today I had a prime example.

I was up at 4 with Ellie, and then just as I got back to bed, Abigail woke up, saw a glimmer of light outside, and was up for the day.

I knew we were in for it.

When we came home from church and she was having one melt down after another, I put my foot down and insisted on her taking a nap. FYI, my insistence did no good.

I took her to her bed, and trying to wind her down I thought maybe a prayer would be a good idea. Besides, I needed all the help I could get. Here was her prayer as she "repeated" what I said.

Me: Dear Heavenly Father,
Abi: " "

Me: Please help me to be able to relax...
Abi: Please help me to be able to play.

Me: So I can get some rest.
Abi: So I can get some play.

Me: So Mommy and Daddy, Can have a good day.
Abi: So Abi and Ellie, Can have a good play

Me: In the name of Jesus Christ,
Abi: In the name of Nephi,

Me: Amen.
Abi: All done.


Kim said...

Oh my gosh Heather, that is HILARIOUS!!! She is SO smart. Sounds like something one of my kids (Seth) would do ;)

Andrew said...

This is the best blog post ever! That is so funny. You raised a real wit Heather and Charles.

Pheobe said...

Cracking up at " the name of Nephi." over here! LOL!

Chalen said...

Three out curtains. BEST investment ever. My kids, especially Annika did the same thing. The sleep a lot better now and it also helps for naps, when they take them. WE got the blackout roll up shades from ikea that work well. Good luck.

Krista said...

Oh, that is priceless. :)

Em said...

das funny.