Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some video of Abi

K, here are some videos of Abigail. We realized today that we aren't taking much video so we are going to try to change that. The first one is of her waking up. She normally makes some pretty funny faces and a little streching routine that we wanted to catch on film.

The second video is her sucking her thumb for the first time.


Heather said...

she is PRECIOUS!! im soo happy for you two! you guys are the cutest parents too! How fun!!

Fran said...

Dear Himmerfam, I think this blog is a family affair, and hope you don't mind my butting in. I may even have sent this comment a week or so ago when I first found you; if so, forgive the repeat. More than 43 years ago, before I knew my older daughter Sandy (Skip b '59, Sandy b '61) would become a middle child, I read that poem about "...fetch & carry... nice to marry" In '64 her sister Pam arrived. Years later, when I realized how nice Sandy wd be to marry (her husband of 20+ years wd now agree) I wished for that poem, and have searched ever since. Then Google led me to your post. Any idea where I might find the entire original? Even if I don't I copied out your post (and arbitrarily made some changes so it reads and rhymes more precisely) and am sending it now to her along w recent New Yorker cartoon of kid addressing grown-up, saying "I am an oldest child trapped in a middle child's body." Thanks a million, and here's to your lovely family. Feel free to visit my Middle Child (big brother and little sister are websiteless) and/or my blog: fran-johns-on-celebrations.blogspot. Peace and every good thing to you all. Fran Moreland Johns, San Francisco