Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bye Bye Mimi :(

It has been SOOO great to have my mom here with us the past couple of weeks. Her original plan was to come out for 2 weeks to help with things and be here for the delivery. Well, after waiting 2 weeks for little Abigail to arrive, she extended her stay another week so that she could help us out while we were getting adjusted to things. It has been a huge blessing having her here and so fun to get to spend some time with her one on one. I can't remember ever having so much time to spend with just her and I and it was a whole lot of fun. She helped out so much, even staying up with me during one of the rough nights to help calm Abigail down so I didn't lose my mind. We will miss her tons and can't wait to see her again soon!! Love you Mom!!! Abi misses her Mimi already :)


Courtney John said...

She's the best..thats why yall should make your way back to Texas--

Aunti Em said...

okay that is so crazy cause my sisters kids all call my mom mimi. thats funny. the baby is beautiful!