Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tribute to Kyle... a Day Late

I wanted to get this done yesterday on Kyle's actual birthday, but I didn't have my laptop with me and therefore, had no pictures. If I had a scanner- I could make this a real doozy with some of this pictures I found while I was unpacking, but I'll do the best I can with pictures from recent years.

Probably most of you reading this know my brother, but for those of you who do not- he is the man. Kyle is the kind of guy that is just fun to be around all the time. I love when Charles and him get together because they are unstoppable. We were so lucky to be so close to them when we were in Provo and are missing them a lot now. Kyle is a great example to everyone that he comes in contact with. He is a great husband and father- and a great big brother. I can remember Kyle chasing off many punk boys in high school who were "not worthy of my time." He is extremely hard working and driven. Charles is constantly going to him for suggestions on good books- Kyle is always looking for ways to learn and grow. Anyway- he had a big birthday yesterday and we didn't get to share it with him so I thought I would pay a little tribute to a great brother! We love you Kyle!!


Richard said...

Happy birthday Kyle. When your own sister says such kind words without financial incentive or motivation, one needs to pay attention.

Have a great day!

Em said...

That last picture is so cute! Brothers are great!