Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Empathy Belly

Charles and I have been going to a child birthing class for the last 3 weeks at the hospital. It isn't a lamaze (I have no idea how to spell that) class, it is more about teaching all the different stages of labor, and learning techniques for helping out if things don't go as planned. The class has been REALLY good- we have both learned a lot. I was kind of hesitant to take it, thinking it would just be kind of dumb, but it has proved to be very helpful already, just with things we have come across with the baby's position. Anyway, this week in class, Charles got to strap on the "empathy belly." It is a 35 pound belly, as you can see, that straps onto your body to try to reflect what it feels like to be pregnant. Granted... there is no way they can know what this feels like. Example: Halfway through the time he was wearing it, Charles said, why don't you just lean forward more so that it takes the pressure off everything? Hmm... doesn't quite work that way when it is a part of you :) Anyway- here are the pictures a girl in the class took for us. Hopefully you can get a good laugh out of it.

This is Charles in the fitting rooms at Motherhood Maternity- He wanted to try out the bellies they have for you there, in case you would like to be even bigger than you are :)

Charles getting all strapped up with the "empathy belly"

This is me placing the "bladder pouch" - its a pouch that goes on the inside so that it can put pressure on the bladder in just the right place ;)

Belly to belly...Now if that isn't charming, I don't know what is


ambyr said...

that is hilarious!!! too bad they don't know exactly what it feels like to be pregnant!!

knjfabela said...

Loved the pictures! How fun. Joey would never put that on let alone take picutes! Props to you Charles!

alli said...

ahaha! that is SO funny! I've gotta make sure Steven sees this!

Kyle & Alissa said...

I love you guys! You have so much fun with life it is just refreshing. WE love You and MISS YOU!!!!

Em said...

GREAT pics! I had no idea they had empathy bellies like that, complete with the bladder pressure piece too. But alas, they still won't understand what it really feels like! The baby is gonna be here soon!!!