Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One more for the day...

Ok, after my post earlier today, I have to add one more event from our evening. Charles and I were just outside doing a few things before it gets dark. He was sweeping off the driveway (so we don't get any more nails in our tires) and I was putting away the garbage can. Down the street I saw a dad on a walk with his three young kids. I was excited to meet them because we haven't met any of our neighbors yet so I was waiting for them to come up past our house. When they got to the top of the driveway, Charles spoke up first: "Oh wow, are these grandkids?" My heart skipped a beat... I knew the answer to that question. Sometimes I wish that husband and wife could communicate some other way so that we could screen things like that... I've given up on that wish though. The dad just kind of hesitated-"uh..haha... no, these are our kids- this one is 2 and a half and then the twins are 13 months." It was fun to hear Charles back pedal from that one. As soon as they walked away I just started to laugh. Charles looked at me and just said, "What?" As if he had to ask. He then defended himself with, "Well, he looked old enough to me" Haha... I just had to share because it made me laugh really hard. Oh well, there will be other kids for our children to play with, right? Haha What a day! :)

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