Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Accentuate the Positive!

Today has been a good day so far... despite a few kinks in the day. It actually makes me giggle a little to think about it, so I thought I would share another day in the life of Charles and Heather.
First of all, for a little background, our house uses propane as its main heating source (and yes, even though it is JUNE, we are still using heat) the propane tank that was here when we moved in is really old, and the gauge on it... well, it isn't attached, so we have had it 50% full for a while- until we finally realized what the problem was. Well, we called to get a new tank and switch to a cheaper gas company, but the soonest they could come do the swap wasn't until tomorrow (I called 2 weeks ago). Normally, they pump the gas out of the old tank, into the new one, but since they have no way of knowing how much is in there, they can't pump it. This was a big deal to Charles. He has been huffing and puffing about us having to buy 500 gallons of propane just because they don't know how much is in there. Well... this morning Charles turned on the shower, and let it run for a long time... the water wasn't getting hot. He went and checked the thermostat and realized, the house was at 60 degrees. He was THRILLED!!! We ran out of propane! Haha... He was like- Heather, aren't they coming tomorrow? GREAT!! He was so excited that we weren't going to have to give away any gas. Haha... it was really funny how something that would normally be really annoying, like not having hot water for two days- was suddenly a good thing thanks to my positive husband.
The next exciting part of my day was when I arrived at the Tacoma Mall (trying to be sneaky and get away to shop for Charles' birthday without him knowing) and right as I pull into the parking lot, I could tell I had a flat. It was as flat as it could be. What is more fun than changing a tire when you are 8 months pregnant, in the cold rain?? I'll tell you what... having a grandpa in wranglers and red boots... WITH FLAMES... change your tire for you! As I stood there staring at the tire deciding how to attack it, this grandpa and his grandson came over and said- "Ma'am, can we give you some help?" Can't turn that down! So the grandpa got at it after saying, "Man, I don't know nothing about these funny looking cars, that's why I drive a truck!" It brightened my day- mostly because there were two nice gentleman willing to help me when I was a little frustrated.
Well, thats all for now, I just had to share my two bits of happy things today. Hopefully it gets a grin out of y'all :)


Kyle & Alissa said...

I love these stories Heather. Keep them coming.

Em said...

Aw, how nice of that man. Sounds like they just might have some southern hospitality that has crept up there! ;)

I love me some flame boots.