Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest Pictures

Here are some fun pictures of Abigail from the past week. We are having so much fun with her. She is a great baby!!

This is Abigail sucking her thumb for the first time, a little bit different from your average thumb sucker :)

No, she doesn't normally sleep naked, but it was a hot afternoon without air conditioning. This is how I found her when I went in to get her up. Reminds me of the scene from Annie where she scares off the boys in the ally to save the dog, Sandy. Lori- you know what I'm talking about, the face that Chloe does so well...

Chillin in her bathrobe

Again, no- we don't normally nap with her, but this is how I found her and Charles during some good daddy-daughter time. They were both out cold!

this is how I found her during another nap- I think she's so cute the way she sleeps sometimes!!


Texas Blad's said...

OH She's precious!!

Andras said...

She's all giving the peace sign. Hehahe