Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our house... FINALLY

Ok, I have been having lots of requests to get pictures up of our house. After 3 months of living here... we are finally settled in enough that I could take some pictures and show you some of my favorite parts of our house. I didn't bother taking pictures of the downstairs because it is basically completely empty, other than a bed in one of the rooms for guests. So here are the highlights of the house :)
Living Room
These couches finally arrived last week and we have been LOVING having a place to sit!

The first picture here is where Charles works. He gets to work from home pretty often which I LOVE. The second picture is my haven. This is where I "work." I have thought seriously about getting my diploma framed and hanging it above my sewing machine- just to prove that I am a SERIOUS stay at home mom- I have the Home and Family Living degree to prove it :) lol

The Kitchen/Dining Room
I LOVE my kitchen

Front Entry Way

Our Bedroom
Right across from the bed, is the dresser that I took pictures of Abigail on, so I won't repost pictures of that side of the room.
Master Bathroom

My work in progress... The Nursery :)
I had fun with this nursery :) It's a good thing she wasn't on time, because I had plenty of projects in here to keep me busy the two weeks I was waiting. In fact... I didn't finish the flowers for the wall until a few days ago. There are still a few more things I want to do, but here is her nursery. I assembled all the furniture myself, and made the quilt, bumper pads, dust ruffle, curtains, and the things hanging on the walls. Nesting anyone??? I had it BAD

These little boogers were much harder than I thought they would be, and if it hadn't been for my mom helping me figure them out, I probably would have thrown in the towel. If you don't look too closely- they turned out cute.

As for the rest of the house- there is one more full bathroom upstairs- think 1970's. Yellow tub, yellow sinks, yellow countertop- gotta love it :)
Downstairs there are two more bedrooms, a family room, a small bathroom, and the laundry room.


Courtney John said...

oh heather those flowers turned out cute! the pictures of the nursery dont do it justice you cant really see her million pair of shoes on the dresser...and the "im trying to be like jesus" thing is way cuter in cant see the detail!

Katherine and Brad said...

i love your house heather! it looks great.

Texas Blad's said...

It's beautiful! If anyone was a SERIOUS stay-at-home Mom, it would have to be you! You are making that degree work for you, girl!

knjfabela said...

I love your house, and your nursey is adorable! I love shoes too! I keep telling Joey that Kaiya need both pink, and brown boots to wear with her jean skirt this winter.

Em said...

CUTE HOUSE!!! I love the couches, good call! And I love the nursery, and YES, i noticed the 100 pairs of BABY shoes in Abi's room! That is so funny!!!