Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun pictures from Mom and Courtney's visit

Being a little preoccupied after mom and courtney left, I never got a chance to post pictures from their visit. We found lots to keep us busy while we were waiting for Abigail to make her debut. Lots of walking... here are some of the fun things we did.
we foudn these glasses at an antique store, haha

from our walk in the harbor

This is at the farmer's market they have every week in the harbor. They have live music, and artists that sit and draw for a couple of hours. It's pretty cool just to go down and check everything out, plus they have great produce and pretty flowers!

One day while they were here, they had "Chalk the Walk" in the harbor. It was a big side walk chalk competition. You register for a square of sidewalk, draw something, and then they judge it at the end of the day. They had everything from little kids, to artists doing it. Here are a couple we took pictures of.

These I just HAD to post. Meet the new neighbors :) This house is being built around the corner from us... 10,000 square feet. Courtney got a picture from the back, and the front that I had to show. This house is crazy, and really pretty! The pictures don't do it justice.


Johnson said...

I love when you post pictures from where you live. It is so beautiful there. Hope mommy-hood is treating you good. I am sure it is.

alli said...

Holy cow, that house is looks like you got to have a lot of fun in spite of the fact that you were so anxious!!