Friday, January 11, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl

And here is the last of the promised catch up blogs. Here is a little bit of our trip to Las Vegas documented.

The airforce base from Las Vegas (or somewhere close by) brought 300 soldiers who during the national anthem (sung by Ms. America) pulled out this flag over the entire field. It was pretty incredible. Then they had 2 F-15's fly over the field right after the anthem. It was SO cool. I tried to get a picture of the jets, but they were too fast!

Mighty coug's running out

We WAY underestimated the Las Vegas weather. This expression says it all. We were FROZEN!! And, by this point in the game, it was looking pretty bleak for the cougars.Who woulda thought they would block an easy field goal to win the game. The kicker had nailed 2 field goals from over 50 yards, and we got a piece of this one from about the 15 yard line. The place went CRAZY!
And this is after we decided that instead of rushing the field, we would rush to the car and get warm!

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Em said...

That looks like f u n! That flag is amazing! I have to brag... at every A&M game f-15's fly by after the anthem, flown by Aggie Alumni.


You guys know how to have a good time!