Monday, January 21, 2008

I just thought I would share with y'all what we have out our front door today... a TON of snow!! The street is even covered- normally those are plowed, but not today! It has been snowing since we woke up this morning- crazy, crazy- we'll see if it lets up enough for us to do anything on our day off!

Yesterday I made Charles one of his favorite Sunday dinners- Ham and Potatoes, but to top it off, I made him one of his favorite desserts- this chocolate raspberry cake. Well- by the end of the night he had eaten 4 or 5 pieces of this cake and was feeling a little overloaded, so he decided to try to "work some off." To my amusement, push-ups turned into push-ups with a clap. Then I had the idea to tell him to try clapping behind his back in between each push-up- after several tries I convinced him to let me video it so HE could see. He asked "no one else is going to see this, right?" He knew it would make the blog... What tops this video off is his outfit. Take notice of the Hawaiian shirt. I actually had to tell him that he couldn't wear this in public when he showed up at my apartment one night when we were dating wearing it!! He still doesn't understand why this is a shirt you only wear in the comfort of your own home :) So here is the video- Enjoy!


Texas Blad's said...

wow. if only i could have watched more... thanks Heather!

Em said...

What's wrong with the shirt? :)