Friday, January 25, 2008

I've been tagged!

Michelle tagged me so I am supposed to write 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about myself and then tag 10 more people... and since I don't even know 10 people with blogs- y'all better get ready because you will all get tagged too :)
1. If there is any spot anywhere that is slick or icy... I will find it, and I will slip. Charles finds this VERY amusing.
2. Most of you know this- but its the most unique fact about me- I have a natural blonde streak in my hair that I have had since I was born.
3. People say when you glance at my feet it looks like I have six toes. They try to count them... THERE ARE ONLY 5, PEOPLE!
4. This one is gross... but I pick at everything on my face. Sick I know- I'm trying to break this habit, mostly because Charles hits my hand every time he sees me picking at my chapped lips.
5. I drape myself all over the place when I'm sleeping. Hand hanging off the bed, elbow in Charles's back, and a leg draped over him. That is the formula for a great night's sleep and an annoyed husband :)
6. I get the hiccups from eating carrots. Not just little hiccups either... we are talking SERIOUS hiccups.
7. I am afraid of water in a weird way. I'm actually just afraid of things that live in water. I have spent years conquering my fear of being in the lake... and now- Charles just wants to throw me into Ocean life- I don't know if I'll ever adjust!
8. I always forget to pick up my wet towel off the bed. Charles loves that about me :)
9. I am NOT a morning person in any way. I'm actually more like a... Troll in the morning. But then some mornings I am exceptionally perky- those are rare occasions.
10. I would have never noticed this about myself, but Charles says that when I am barefoot and sitting or laying down, I always cross my big toes, one over the other.


Em said...

So true about the morning troll and crossing your toes! It makes me smile just thinking about your morning grumpiness.

And yeah, I already did that on my blog a while I prob won't do it again. I think people get sick of learning so much about me!


Texas Blad's said...

those are all funny-thanks for sharing- you tagged almost everyone I was going to, so I guess the sharing will live through you!

Bj & Katherine said...

hahaha that toes thing is SO funny! haha. its strange the things you learn about yourself from someone else after getting married.

Johnson said...

That was fun to read, thanks for sharing them Heather.