Thursday, January 17, 2008

15 Weeks

Well... after some prompting from Katherine today, I decided to get over being annoyed with my appearance and take a picture to start documenting the belly growth. I didn't really think I was showing too much because everyone keeps saying..."Oh I can hardly tell" blah blah blah... Then Charles took this picture and I was like- Holy crap, do I really look that big?? So maybe y'all are all laughing at me thinking... just wait- but it seriously weirded me out to see these pictures- especially the close-up. Is this normal for 15 weeks, or am I just paranoid that I am going to blow up before 9 months comes?? Yeah right... like any of you are going to tell me- yeah Heather... you are looking pretty huge... haha- oh well! On the bright side... I am feeling GREAT!! I think I am finally over being sick which is marvelous! Anyway- I'll probably try to keep y'all updated as I grow and we find out more. We'll be finding out the gender in about 6 weeks hopefully- WOOHOO!!


Bj & Katherine said...

YES! i love the picture. and NO you dont look fat, you look just like a cute pregnant girl should! aaaahh i cant wait to be prego tooooo! im so excited for you. keep the pics comin!!!

Texas Blad's said...

I wish i was there!! You look so great! I thought it was nice when I actually looked pregnant and not like I ate too much at lunch.

Em said...

AWWW! HEATHER!!! I loooove this picture! You look wonderful! Yes, you look pregnant! Haha..let the fun begin. One day you'll look in the mirror and poor body.


too cute.

Johnson said...

You are looking so great, you look super skinny too. How is it that you are prego and look super skinny? Well, can't wait to meet the baby, hopefully this summer.