Sunday, July 10, 2011


What do YOU do in the summertime?
Every morning now, Abigail wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and then puts her bathing suit on. We pack up the swim bag and wait for Ellie to wake up. Then we load up the stroller and walk to the pool and stay for as long as Ellie will allow. At first, it was pushing it to be there for an hour. Now, we are getting 2 or 3 hours in before it is time to come home. When I think of my summers as a child- this is EXACTLY how I remember them. And as far as I am concerned... this is what summer SHOULD be like.
And what is a summer in Texas without some grilling? My parents got Charles a grill for his birthday, to welcome him to Texas I think. He has taken to it nicely and has made some awesome burgers so far. We are going to get lots of yummy dinners out of that thing :)

And yes, Abi is eating her hamburger while wearing her bathing suit. What else?

OHHH, Texas... it feels so good to be home :)

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