Monday, July 25, 2011

My Big 3 Year old

Abigail had a birthday- a day late.

I took tons of pictures.

My camera is being ghetto. Or my lens. Or Both...

Either way, I am pretty upset right now, that I don't have much to show for her party.

It was pinkalicious. I guess we can just leave it at that.

The night before her birthday, she was barfalicious and her baby sister was poopylicious.

Me, I spent the night washing sheets, car seats, and carpets,
trying to clean up after all of our mishaps. Yuck. A big thanks to whoever brought
their sick kid to church for that one.

We had to reschedule the party. It threw me off a bit. I felt so bad for her on her birthday, but she recovered, and she is enjoying all of her presents. She is pretty spoiled by all her friends and family who love her. Thanks everyone!!


Katherine and Brad said...

cute! what kind of camera are you using???

James said...

She is looking so big! It was a little weird visiting Washington and not seeing you guys. We missed you. Hopefully we can get our daughters together for a playdate before they head off to college ;o)